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Upcoming projects

You may have noticed, but I have added the ability to extend your user profile. Tell our community about yourself, your interests, and you can even rate your Korean and Hanja skills.

Stay tuned for forums. Ask questions, and make comments directly on character and vocabulary pages. Also there will be an open forum where you can ask translation questions, or get homework help, etc.

Because it is so important, entering characters into the database has been left to myself, but I am considering extending that ability to our community on a content approval basis. e.g. Once you submit the content, a reviewer will take a look and make sure everything was entered properly on a weekly basis and then the content will go live.

After a little fine tuning we can resume business as usual. If there are any requests for functionality, you can do that from the report error page for now.

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Working to Categorize Vocabulary

As any member would know, there are a lot of vocabulary in this database. In an effort to add even more capabilities to this database, I am working to categorize the vocabulary database so you can look up words by theme.

I already have a working beta version but it would be nice to categorize more words first.

Recently the site has been coming together really nicely and I am finally seeing the light at the end of this tunnel of a project that i have been working on for almost 3 years.

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Announcing the Bookstore

The bookstore is a great way to support the open okpyon project. Every book you buy will help support maintaining and developing this site.

Consider buying your Korean course books right here. We have the whole line of Hawaii University Press Korean language series

Remember that a large part of learning a language is learning more about the culture and history of the people who speak that language. There is also a wide range of Korean and Korean-American literature, history, and cook books.

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Coding Like a Maniac

I have been updating the code for what it seems like years, but finally making some progress.

Ever since I started my new job I have had very little time to update this site so please bear with me, and I hope that the still under construction status does not inconvenience any of you.

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Tip: Do I really have to become a member?

No, you don’t have to become a member to enjoy the benefits of our community; however, if you would like to be granted certain priveleges, like the ability to create and edit entries, then you must first become a registered member.

Registration is free so do not feel that there is monetary obligation.

Also, if you should decide to become a member, I can keep you updated on our community and the development of our software!

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