Tip: Why should I learn Chinese characters?

I have found that learning Chinese characters has greatly increased my retention of new vocabulary. Also, knowing Chinese characters has given me the ability to glance at Chinese and Japanese texts and understand the basic meaning.

I started studying Chinese characters after my first year of studying Korean language, but it might be better that you have a second or third year proficiency in Korean language before undertaking Chinese character study.

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New Radical Search

Just updated the radical search. Added new font and fixed some of the bugs associated with the select box.

Slowly I will be adjusting the different pages… sorry once again for this slow pace. I do not have lots of time to update this. However, please give me until the end of February before you start complaining, okay?

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What are the different types of hanja?

Pictograms 象形字

These are characters which are based off of the actual image of an object. Naturally these were the first, most early developed symbols to describe common everyday things. e.g. 月 木 日 .

Ideograms 指事字

These are diagrams of concepts that either do not have form or are difficult to describe by a simple picture. The most common example of this are the characters 上 and 下.

Ideogrammic compounds 會意字

This type of character is essentially the combination of two or more pictograms and/or ideograms. The classic example is when you combine two trees (木) you get a forest (林). Read More »

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Chinese Calligraphy

Chinese calligraphy, with its artistic as well as utilitarian values, has been treasured for its formal beauty for more than three millennia. This lavishly illustrated book brings to English language readers for the first time a full account of calligraphy in China, including its history, theory, and importance in Chinese culture. Representing an unprecedented collaboration among leading Chinese and Western specialists, the book provides a definitive and up-to-date overview of the visual art form most revered in China.

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2010 will be a big year

We have planned for big changes after the holiday. Our application will be greatly improved. And, although we will still have the same quality information, my life will be so much easier to update this site.

So, yes. 2010 is going to be a big deal for open okpyon.

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